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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Luxury Living: A View from Below

©Steve Shilling

What you're looking at is 200 Eleventh Avenue located near Chelsea Piers.  While on a gallery tour the other day I snapped a photograph of the monumental building with my trusty Blackberry.  The new 'In-Style' way of living in Manhattan (for those wealthy enough to afford it) is to reject the notion of "oh it's the city I can't have my own garage for my Mazaratti (insert pointlessly expensive car of your choice)."  For the right price you are now able to park your car in your very own personal garage.  Yes you read correctly. Below I've posted a video from Youtube that explains and illustrates this outrageous new form of luxury living created by the outstanding Selldorf Architects.  Their known for their beautiful modern designs that almost always tend towards the hi-end style of living and lets be honest...if the notion of having your own personal garage in your two story apartment doesn't scream hi-end then these images certainly will.
The mastermind behind this breakthrough leap in Manhattan residential living is non other than architect Steven Kratchman. Great name if you ask me. Among other honors he holds the prestigious Full Member status of the Urban Land Institute's Mixed Use Urban Development Committee Chapter. You may read more about both Steven and the Urban Land Institute by clicking on their links.



P.S. Selldorf Architects has a beautiful book available highlighting their architecture. It features some fabulous architectural photography. It's a bit pricey so if you can find a better deal on Amazon and you're an Architecture enthusiast I seriously suggest you buy it.

Video displaying the car elevator and garage feature of 200 Eleventh Avenue.

Google Maps with Street View for those who'd like to investigate further:

View Larger Map

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