"Speech is an arrangement of notes that will never be played again."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.
-Alan Watts

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breaking 200 With a Photoshoot of Wyeth

Today I broke 200 page views which, for me, was enough to get me excited.  I decided that in order to celebrate the coming and going of this small milestone I'd post some of the recent 'real' or 'legitimate' photography I've done.  Today I had a short and what felt like a rather impromptu shoot with my dear friend, coffee buddy, and fellow Tom Waits enthusiast Wyeth.  We met at Stumptown Coffee which I featured earlier on this month where I finally got the chance to meet his girlfriend and fellow artist miss Lilly.  We had a fun time talking about some shared experiences Wyeth and I have had over the years.  Wyeth remarked about how I seem to always have an endless supply of pockets containing interesting items and so, in the middle of the Ace Hotel lobby, I emptied the entire contents of my pockets.  It amounted to a sizable pile on the table in front of us; it even made a bystander chuckle at the amount of items endlessly ushering from my jacket and pants pockets.
After coffee we left in order to walk Lilly back to her job at New York's Museum of Sex from where he and I would depart and head to his apartment. I went into today's photoshoot with no idea how or where I wanted to shoot him. I was rather scatterbrained before the shoot but once I lifted the camera to my eye my mind settled down.  He offered up a plethora of possible shooting locations: living room, bed room, fire escape, ...neighbors fire escape..., rooftop and entrance hallway.  We decided to start with the fire escape and it was successful tho probably the least successful location shot in today. Personally I had plenty of fun shooting while performing several balancing acts reminiscent of my past career as a gymnast.  After returning indoors I decided to check out the apartment's geometrically engaging entrance hallway.  We only had to travel down three stories worth of stairs but it took us longer than expected because each window we passed flung such beautiful light onto him that I demanded he stop and pose.  (Thanks Wyeth, I know I can be a dog of a photographer at times barking orders left and right so I appreciate your patience).
After concluding with the entrance hallway of the apartment building we headed back up, paused before his door and he asked "Ya wanna go up?" He issued up the stairs where he had told me the access to the roof was located.  We never made it to the roof on account of two reasons. One of which was that the door had an alarm that we didn't much want to set off.  The second reason was because I doubt we would have found the roof more interesting than the space that precedes it.  There before us was this gem of a location with peeling paint on the wall, a broom, a shovel and a wooden sled.  It was such a great location.  The only difficulty with shooting it was that I had to balance on the interior window sill placing one foot on the banister in order to get the two shots you see below.  This again was great fun as it reminded me of my gymnastics years and I silently thanked my mother for keeping me enrolled for those fourteen years.
SO! Without further adue and presented with my gratitude for your patience with (hopefully) reading this post... here are the images.
Thank you all for your attention, your time, and your continued interest.



©Steve Shilling

©Steve Shilling

©Steve Shilling

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